Wednesday, March 11, 2009

ni tagged dari fizah..huhuhuh sory laa..lambat tol hani nk soklan dia

After traveling a long way, you had reach a final junction towards your success. On this junction there are two roads to be chosen. The first road offers you an easy path but at longer journey, very very long one compared to the other one. The second is extremely shorter but also very very difficult as people said "most of them traveled this road never returned".

Which road will you take? (no one can take both road at a same time)
Why do you not choose the other road?
What is the example in your life showing that you actually did choose the road you stated?

1. hani akan ikut jalan yang pendek tapi susah ...
2.sebabnya kalo ikut jalan satu lagi kiter x der apa2 xperience, x der challenging,sumer amik mudah jer..
3.contohnyer skrg ni,kalo nk kan satu benda mesti berusaha....skrg ni aku tgh berusaha untuk buka bizness kat teluk intan..biar dari kecil2an dulu...aku minat sangat biz..